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Premium auction April 17,2019

see your email with printable auction sheets plus multiple photos of select items 

Hello Members,

This is a reminder that the Special Premium Auction will be held next Wednesday, April 17 2019, at the Come Share Society Building, from 5:00 to 8:30.

APRIL 17th *  Club auction items only. Minimum opening bid on each item will be $8.00 or higher.   *TEN DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE NIGHT to each paid member.

On this night the following rules apply

 1. No table auction items for individual members,

 2. Selling, trading,  between members permitted

 3. Table auction purchases may be paid by cheque.

4. It is each buyer's responsibility to assess the individual items that they wish to purchase.

 5. Each member must use the $10 certificate in person, on this night. Use it to the maximum or a portion, however no remittance of money not used.

6. Prizes awarded at random through out the auction.

Many club members have been invaluable in evaluating the various collections. We are most grateful for this help.

Attached is the list of 100 lots that will be offered for sale in this auction.

We hope to see you all at this special event.


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